EHD Dog Show Sponsor: Storm's Style - Prettiest Girl

“Storm’s Style started in January 2018 as a bit of a fluke. Storm is a large breed dog and trying to get nice bandanas for her was very difficult or incredibly expensive, as they had to come from overseas. My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas as I wished to start a new hobby and I thought a good way to practise was to make Storm a bandana. I then shared a picture to my personal Facebook page where I got a lot of encouragement and also friends asking if I could make their dogs one. This then started to snowball as friends of friends started asking and I decided to see if I could make a business out of it as there was definitely interest out there. I make pieces for the smallest of pooches right up to the massive as we aren’t sizest here at Storm’s Style.

Within my first month of being a business a local dog shop asked if they could stock my items, then the next month a local veterinary surgery asked if I could produce promotional bandanas, bunting and table covers for them. This then meant I needed to invest in a vinyl cutting machine, what I didn’t realise was this was going to be the best thing I could have done for Storm’s Style. I get asked to do a lot of bandanas with messages on, for example if a dog is reactive I can do a bandana telling people to keep back or if nervous give the pet space. People have announced they are expecting by their pets wearing I’m going to be a big sister/brother as well as names or fun nicknames for dogs. Since then I have done work for multiple dog businesses, canine cross country companies and wedding businesses to name just a few.

I have worked with EHD since January 2019 and produced bandanas, human clothing, treat bags and poo bag holders for people to show their pride in being part of such an amazing group and their love for their daxie’s whilst having them customised to their colours to show the individual side.”

I have known Fiona for longer than I realise, we actually went to the same Maritime collage – small world hey! So we understand each other pretty well and I can sympathise when hubby hasn’t made it home from sea! She has done amazingly in helping to create our brand, and if you want to order an EHD bandana go to her website and look for our special section here you’ll see how many of us she’s already branded and we love seeing everyone in the kit whilst on walks. Hopefully when all this is over we can have a safe walk all branded together!!

If you want the chance to win some of the following prizes enter your prettiest girl in the Dog show please go to the website enter!!

1st: EHD branded bandana with prettiest girl 2020 plus EHD branded treat and poop bag holder in matching colours

2nd: EHD branded bandana plus EHD branded treat bag holder in matching colours

3rd:EHD branded bandana

BIS: EHD Best in show 2020 bandana plus EHD branded treat and poop bag holder in matching colours

RBIS: EHD branded bandana

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