EHD Dog Show Sponsor: Hunters Choice- Most handsome boy

"Jed and Kirsty started hunters Choice in January 2019. The business was developed from a passion for feeding their beloved dogs a diet free from additives, grains and fillers, prompted by a fussy hyperactive American bulldog called Betty!

All ingredients used are human grade and UK raised, with a firm commitment to sourcing as ethically as possible. Everything is taste tested by their resident dogs George and Betty to ensure only the best flavours make the cut!"

We here at EHD HQ love Hunters choice. Its definitely a favourite of my girls and we love its local, we can order on FB and get it the next day sometimes same day!! We love the chunky style the mixture of meats and the lovely owners behind the brand who are always happy to come our events and support us.

If you raw feed and you like to mix it up or change to a local brand to reduce your carbon foot print - Check them out!!

If you want to win some of the following enter your handsome boy in the Dog show now!!

1st: Selection of raw food and treats worth £30

2nd: Selection of raw food and treats worth £30

3rd: Selection of raw food and treats worth £30

BIS: £5 voucher

RBIS: £5 voucher

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