EHD Dog Show Sponsor:Dogue UK - Happiest hound (video)

“We both fell into the DOGUE UK distribution business, that’s myself Mandy and my partner Mike, our daughter Emily loved the brand and introduced us to DOGUE in 2017

We are all absolute animal lovers and Dogs being top of the list, so selling DOGUE dog products and meeting a variety of dogs isn’t boring were loving it. Our hound is the magnificent Rufus the Airadoodle he’s a cross between and Airedale and standard poodle, he often gets mistaken for a black Labradoodle, but his very curly tail gives it away! Rufus is a proper Doodle slightly mad and full of energy, he’s calming down having matured. We are located on the beautiful South Coast, Chichester Harbour area which is great for waking any dogs. Rufus rocks his blue stripe DOGUE collar and lead, and we often get remarks when out walking on how nice they are.

Our business is quite new, and we have lots of work ahead of us, we aim to have excellent customer service and like the personal touches, such as compliment chocolate in our deliveries! And we are always open to comments and feedback. If our customers and their dogs are happy so are we.

We attended Crufts for the first year in 2018, that was amazing and a little daunting we didn’t have much notice and really didn’t think we would get a stand offered to us on our first application, we did not know what to expect. We meet some lovely people and some even lovelier four-legged friends, my favourite part was taking pictures of the dogs in DOGUE, it’s such a great range and suits all dogs of different shapes, sizes and colours with a unique range of designs and style. We have found that the jumpers and harnesses especially suit Dachshunds as these can be hard to find!

We have had an amazing reaction to the products already, and we cannot wait to see more dog’s ‘in DOGUE’”- Mandy and Mike

About the DOGUE Brand: Australia’s leading dog accessory brand was created in 2004. DOGUE offers the fashion-conscious pet owner a range of fresh, unique and stylish accessories, including dog collars, leads, harnesses, toys and even knitted jumpers!

We are extremely proud to have introduced the DOGUE brand into the UK. The products offer completely unique designs with a growing reputation around the world renowned for their high quality, boutique feel products, which has led the brand to be a firm favourite, a number one Brand amongst dog owners down under.

“DOGUE” dogs are always in “VOGUE”

If you want the chance to win some of the following prizes enter your Happiest hound video in the Dog show please go to the website to enter!!

1st: £45 voucher 2nd: £35 voucher 3rd: £25 voucher BIS: Leopard collar and lead Worth £39

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