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“Hi there! I’m originally from Latvia but found my feet here with my humans. I love to sunbathe, do tricks for treats and dress up at dog shows! I’m very clever but sometimes I like to be cheeky and see what I can get away with!”

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“Hello! I’m the daughter of Amber. I am rather naughty and like to drive my pawrents nuts! With a Latvian mum and a Russian dad I’m a bit of a mix. I love to hunt, chase things and chew up leaves. I also love to bark! But we are working on that apparently...”


“Hi I’m Dexter aged 3 1/2. I love to wear from frisbee round my neck and some stupid humans think it’s a new style vets collar! I love a tennis ball especially one that squeaks and I’m known as the food monster, you name it I will eat it!"

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“Named after the Toy Story character he really lives up to his name being one of the longest sausages. He loves to play and be cheeky and you'll always find him with another dog as he loives making new friends. Loves learning new tricks, his favourite is play dead!”

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“This is Podrick, he is a standard Dachshund born on the 22nd of March 2019. He has already been on so many adventures with his mummy and daddy and loves swimming, his raw food, and his fave treat is a sprat, he also loves to munch on a duck foot every now and again. Podricks dad is 16kg so he could be a very big boy!”

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Lord Dachsington

“My name is Lord Dachsington and I am 8 months old. I am very intelligent and was ringing a reception bell for mummy when I was only 11 weeks old. I will do anything if food is involved and am growing to become obsessed with tennis balls and chasing my little brother Lt Maveryck”

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“ She’s the craziest puppy.  She’s great with other dogs, loves children and attention from anyone who will give it to her. When she’s old enough I want to use her as a therapy dog so that she can share her love. ”


“My name is lola and i does absowootwy anything for delishoos tweats! Not many hoomans know but my mumma re homed me when i was wittle becos my pwevious pawrents didn’t seem to care about me or give me any attention so I is quite shy!”

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“He’s very cheeky and makes me smile every day. He loves a tennis ball or chewing his ‘indestructible’ toys to bits. He loves living in Alverstoke where he is a very short walk from the beach" 

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“ Shes is a beautiful red bundle of sass. She loves people but is a bit tarty cause she loves men more than women ! She can run for miles ... but also sleeps for hours ”

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Pretzel & Crumpet

“Hi I'm Pretzel and this is my younger brother Crumpet. He is really good at teaching me how to be naughty.


We love belly rubs, eating leaves and peeing on the carpet.”

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“Hi, I'm Frankie, an 18 month old standard. I love chilling in the sun and love to annoy my hoomans with the squeekiest ball I can find when they're watching the news"

Dasha & Storm

“ Dasha is 4 and a full red pedigree. She is so loyal and loving, however a ball will win her over anything! Her bark is much bigger than her bite in true daxie style. Storm is 10 months old. He likes to bounce really high like tigger to try and lick faces! He loves any attention that he can steal from anyone!  ”

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“Dickie is a 2 1/2 year old mini Dachshund! A loyal, greedy, cheeky and very handsome man who loves all the attention in the world!! ”

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“Hi my name is Reggie, I am the cheekiest chappy in our house! I give the best cuddles as I’m chubby & everyone says I’m like a wise old man even though I’m only 1 yrs old! I’m always full of mischief & live with 3 other miniature dachshunds."

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“ Norman is 2 years old likes rolling in poo chasing the 2 cats he lives with and barking if he thinks he heard a noise”

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“Winston. A 4 year old mini silver dapple smooth hair. Living up to his name sake. Loves snuggles and sleeping”

  Lieutenant Maveryk

“My name is Lieutenant Maveryck and I am 5 months old. People fall in love with me as I am very cute, but can be a little terror! I an the most chilled out sausage you will meet, unless I am terrorising my big brother Lord Lord Dachsington"

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“My name is Chester. My mummy thought I was a mini dapple. But I’m clearly not either! I love sleeping like a draught excluder and barking at the postman. "


“Hey there! My name is digger and I’m nearly 2!I’m a silver dapple and when my mum came and viewed me at a few weeks old I was already digging into anything I can. I now really live up to my name as I dig in the grass, my bed and the sofa. I also am a little bit naughty as I love to roll in really nasty things. I also do not like bikes and I really enjoy barking at them! ”


“'Im Bruno, 10 months old,  I'm as scatty as my silver patches. I love to eat cow poop & anything that's not mine. I'm so cute my parents fight for my attention and I have more clothes than the average hooman. P.S I can destroy any toy in under 5 minutes."


“ My name is Ziggy, I am
My mummy’s shadow and I love and adore cuddles and to invade all kinds of personal space when sleeping in odd positions! Oh and human food is my favourite thing to share! ”


“Mabel is a 3.5 year old standard Wire. She is funny, head strong, feisty, noisy and loving. ”


“Hello. I’m Graham. I love to play continuously and think I’m a German Shepard in a small body. I’m a salon dog and go to work with my dad everyday where I get to see lots of people and get all the attention I desire. "

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“My name’s Rayna. I’m 18 months old and my favourite things to do are to bite toes, chase birds, hide socks and sleep. I DO NOT like baths! Yuck! I also love my little ball soooo very much but this seems to bother my Mama and Dada. Maybe it’s because when it rolls under things, I just bark like realllly loud to get them to help?  ”

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“My names Frank I love swimming and running but my real passion is snuffling ears. I love being involved in everything so I’m quite nosey. ”

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“Hi I’m Stuee Feltham  I am a typical lad who rules the humans! I love to play with my most annoying squeaky blue bone and if you don’t play I just bark ! I love cuddles in the evenings and love to climb into your jumper !!! "


“My names Frankie (but Frankfurter when i’m a naughty girl). I’m the life of the party and leave a trail of chaos behind me. I love cuddling, snacks and invading people’s personal space. I’m also a TOTAL flirt!”

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“ Hi, my name is Arthur and I was born in May 2019. Although I’m quite shy I love to make new friends and my favourite thing to do is nap on my humans lap.”

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Fifi & Dizzy

“We are rescues that had been used for breeding, when we had done our job we were longer wanted and taken to the rescue.Our humans were so grateful that they got chosen to have us.Our lives have changed so much and we’re so happy, spoilt and loved now(we know we, get told everyday)We have a brother Winston but wish sometimes he’d give us a bit of peace and just let us sleep!!!”

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“Hiya, I am Fifi! A beautiful sausage all the way from Egypt. My Mummy and daddy adopted me last June and I am 2 years old. Food and snuggles are life and I am quite sassy too, basically don’t steal my food and we will be besties!”

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“Twix 5 in August has a gift of knowing when humans need extra cuddles. He is my buddy. Noisy and lazy also!”


“Bounty is 4 in August loves playing with tennis balls, kind, funny and Martin’s buddy.”


“My hoomans call me a diva but I have no idea why. I like to be carried around the house and all toys belong to me. Walks are my favourite and I love cuddling all pawple. I am originally from Latvia and the only pup I don't mind hanging around with is my stinky older brother Dexter”


“I was born is Hungary and I am a tiny bit accident prone. I don't like getting my paws wet and LOVE all food! I guard my house and protect my pawrents for at least 5 invasions a day. I don't know what they would do without my deep booming bark ”

Could be you!

“If you live in the East Hampshire area and have a dachshund please gt in contact with us through our Facebook or email on the contact page to be featured here! ”


Hiya! I’m Kevin and I was born on the 10th May 2019. I absolutely love running free with all my furry friends, I also love picking up sticks and pulling up grass! ..Mum takes me to lots of coffee shops and pubs, I love it because I get lots of attention from humans! I love being so handsome and adorable 

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“Nova, is a Red Miniature Dachshund who loves to strut along the beach and get attention from passers by! She is a sun-worshipper and can always be found catching the rays but refuses to do anything in the rain! ”

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“Hi I’m Pablo, a 10 month old standard.  I love to run around with anything in my mouth that I am NOT allowed to have.   I have brought so much love to my family I’m all they talk about. ”


"I’m nearly 6 months old and very playful.I love my sisters Dizzy and Fifi and enjoy a good play fight,I’m definitely their annoying little brother but they wouldn’t have it any other way.I’m looking forward to making lots of new friends and walks with the Ehd crew."

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“She’s as brave as a lion and very comical. Full of beans and absolutely adorable. Like our other 4 Dachsies she’s is charge of us lost of the time, but they are my world so that’s fine by me ”


" When we fist got Frankie he was only 2 but already grey, I think from his stressful start, when he spent many hours in a small crate. He has come on leaps and bounds since though and just wants to love everyone and be loved. A cheeky monkey who runs like a greyhound"


"Archie is nearly 7 years old and we rehomed him 4 years ago. Unfortunately we know very little about his previous owners, but from day 1 he walked in as if he had always been with us and made himself at home. Loves walks and running free and can be a bit demanding if his dinner is late"


“Agnes is 7 years old and the sweetest nature and gentlest dachsie. She can be a bit greedy so her weight is monitored closely, but loves going on long walks leading the way whenever she can ”


“This is my beautiful soon to be 8 year old miniature long haired dachsie. Very loving and puppyish and loves chasing cyclists so a bit naughty and swimming in the sea”

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